The cycle between the evolution of the worlds population and the ever-advancing technology that both drives and supports this change is reaching a new era. Each year, the number of city dwellers increases by the equivalent of the entire population of Germany. The demand placed on cities over the coming decades will exponentially increase pressure on the systems and processes in place to be able to house, feed, power and entertain uber-populations.

Smart City Solutions
SMART city initiatives have been appearing for a number of years, offering new ways of thinking and doing, conjoining technology to adapt how we live. But, the big challenge is still relatively untouched; how do we cope with a significant population shift towards cities and such a huge increase in demand? 

As technologists, we have to get smarter whilst at the same time empowering consumers of technology to get smarter, whether that is to enable them to get better at their jobs or simply to get better at living. We also have to cope with change, not only deal with change after the fact but also predict and manages changes before they occur and consider turning negative impact into positive outcomes.

To our customers in the large-scale industrial markets these statements will sound very familiar. With our uniquely powerful technology we have empowered asset owners and engineering to safely and efficiently adapt the world's largest engineering assets to meet changing demand. Our approach to SMART Cities is, in essence, to adapt and scale tried and proven technology and processes. Here's how... 

Capture the World

How do we empower the world to get smarter? Well that's where laser scanning and 3D data capture comes in. Over 90% of information that comes into the brain is visual. 3D data capture offers invaluable context for making decisions by capturing the exacting conditions of the real world and delivering remote access to this digital representation. LFM's unrivalled visualisation technology has helped our clients save thousands of hours and millions of pounds by offering safe, virtual access to the 'real-world' whilst they make critical decisions. Imagine if that was possible on a city, or even world-wide basis.

'Capture the World' is of course a visionary statement but surprisingly not that far-fetched. Laser scanning technology has already been used to capture enormous expanses of landscapes and is readily available in hand-held devices with mobile and tablet capture just around the corner. But even until then, LFM's unique ability to handle unlimited volumes of data from multiple sources will still allow you to visualise a combination of city components in a single project. 

Visualise Your Cities SMART

But what about the other information? the remaining <10% that isn't visual. It's not possible to add context if that other information doesn't exist or isn't accessible. To really benefit you need an approach that allows access to as much information as you can, from as many sources as possible, within that 3D environment. Traditionally laser scanning has been used as the basis for modelling to create this 3D source of information but this is an expensive approach, and usually only offers limited sources of information. Fortunately, LFM's vision for the future of laser scanning fully supports creating an intelligent 3D model with much lower cost-of-ownership by directly adding information to the laser scan data and allowing multiple parties and applications to all access a single project. 


Change is arguably the very ethos of SMART Cities. Changing the way we look, fell, think and do to ultimately manage an evolving world. The above concepts of bringing together people, technology and information must have the ability to adapt and it is here where LFM really stand out from the crowd. Last year, we released our vision for the future of laser scanning, the Trusted Living Pointcloud. This customer-driven concept is about building on the project orientated approach to laser scanning that exists today and considering how we can gain increasing value from; more efficient data capture, a further-reaching, collaborative-access approach and the ability to evolve the digital world alongside the real world.

Click on this link to download our brochure on the Trusted Living Pointcloud and continue your journey.

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LFM Portfolio Brochure


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