LFM on the agenda at SPAR International Conference 2015

30 March - 02 April 2015
Houston, Texas 

LFM are very excited to announce inclusion on the event agenda for the SPAR International conference where we will be introducing some game-changing technology to the laser scanning industry.

Here's our conference paper abstract: "Game Over" - Rendering with HyperBubble

Video games allow us to move through realistic looking environments with ease. Imagine therefore how transformative it would be if, by employing modern laser scanners and their sophisticated on-board colour cameras, we could instantly turn any scanned environment into the video game experience?

Despite the recent revolution in 3D capture, practical and convincing methods to render captured data for high-speed fly-through and ultra-high quality static renderings remain rare; the benefits of extending the video game experience into the serious domain of engineering, operations, training and beyond would be enormous.

The BubbleViewTM provides stunning photorealistic renderings at each of the scanned positions. Non-specialist users can easily adapt to them; putting them at the exact scan centre to allow them to see exactly what the scanner saw. Imagine if we could generate the quality of the BubbleView, from any location within the scene.

The approach proposed here is to use the HyperBubble. These are new and extend the way in which the BubbleView can be used. The HyperBubble method works with scanned data in all forms; aerial, vehicle, handheld or fixed scanners. It is a highly scalable solution which works even for very large projects. It makes extensive use of the GPU to render full definition scan data at frame rate whilst at the same time allowing the user complete freedom of movement through a scene or around a specific area of interest.

Booth #302 on the exhibit floor

As well as this inclusion on the agenda LFM will also be a feature on the exhibit floor where visitors will have the opportunity to literally get their hands on the impending LFM NetView 4.0 with our on-stand touch screen that will be running a live LFM NetView 4.0 project.

LFM NetView allows users to remotely access, review and annotate the laser scan dataset providing a critical tool for project collaboration and asset management. With a seamless connection to the LFM master dataset end-users are able to simultaneously and securely access and share huge databases without loss of resolution. The 4.0 release of the product will introduce truly unique 3D mark-up functionality and tablet operation with an ‘offline mode’ enabling LFM’s customers to take the laser scan data onsite, mark-up areas and attributes and collaborate with the master dataset when back online.

The tablet enablement, along with the simple and remote access to the laser scan data that LFM NetView provides will deliver the as-is condition of an asset to the desktops of project and management teams much quicker than is currently possible, dramatically reducing time spent on site and improving the efficiency of project delivery.”

For information on the conference please visit www.sparpointgroup.com/international/

Or for more from us please contact matt.wren@lfm-software.com