LFM Customer Support Survey

Last year LFM launched a customer satisfaction initiative to monitor and improve on our support delivery performance to you, our customers. We would like to thank everybody who has participated so far.

The feedback we have gained from this process has been invaluable as we strive to improve our service. We were delighted that 40% of respondents between the last two surveys noticed improvements and we hope to continue and improve this trend as we look to undertake this exercise regularly.

Some positives to share with you from the last surveys...

80% of issues resolved within a week

75% of respondents were happy with support communication

You evaluated the quality of LFM Support as 4.2/5  

80% of respondents would recommend LFM support to colleagues and peers

“Flexibility and open to suggestions from users”

 “The willingness to support all of the software and try to come up with a resolution as quickly as they can. I have also had requests for specialty functions in programs that LFM rolled into the next released version”

“Good access and knowledge.”

“Friendly service getting to talk to the team and getting results fast”

“Understanding the problems and quick resolving capabilities”

Your suggested areas for improvement…

Two factors stood out when we asked you how we could improve.

1.            A majority of respondents to these questions identified the need for access to local expertise to provide you with more timely technical support. To address this we have been working hard with our growing network of Value Added Resellers to expand technical knowledge and knowledge sharing. We also continue to evaluate and assess our delivery and communication methods but welcome your feedback on this matter

2.            Many respondents requested updates from support on common subjects and software usage hints and to this end we will be working on the customer zone on www.lfm-software.com and producing various videos and documentation to share with you all. We will notify of these improvements later this year once released but if you have any specific suggestions or questions please email info@lfm-software.com

The latest survey…

We would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to provide us with your continued feedback. 

Please click here to access and complete our latest LFM Support Survey.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please send an email to info@lfm-software.com

Thank you! We appreciate your time.

The LFM Team