SPAR to host LFM webinar: The Importance of a Trusted Living Pointcloud

In March LFM will be introducing a revolutionary perspective on the utilisation of laser data to dramatically increase the value of laser scanning. Join our SPAR-hosted webinar to learn more about our vision for a Trusted Living Pointcloud... 

SPAR Webinar: The Importance of a Trusted Living Pointcloud
As the data capture industry progresses our customers are asking how they can gain more value from their scan data. It no longer seems a sensible approach to simply ‘throw away’ or silo data after every project, instead LFM wants to be able to breathe life into this data and utilise it across the lifecycle of an asset. In this webinar LFM Software will introduce their vision of a Trusted Living Pointcloud covering the key elements required to deliver against this vision and the ground-breaking benefits that this fresh approach to managing laser scan data will provide your organisation.

As part of this LFM will also explore their introduction of revolutionary new functionality to add intelligence to laser data and facilitate collaboration across multiple internal teams and external partners utilising laser data as part of asset management and BIM strategies. We will also showcase some not-yet-released functionality that really will ‘catch the eye’!

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March 11, 2015 | 1:00PM-2:00PM ET

LFM contact:
Matt Wren 
Senior Marketing Specialist
LFM Software