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LFM provides the most powerful and open technology for processing laser scan data.

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LFM Server™ 

Access and work with pre-registered 3D laser scan data with LFM Server. Compile point cloud databases of every scan on a project with InfiniteCore™ technology. Clash detect as-built data against a proposed design. Interface with CAD packages from Autodesk, AVEVA, Bentley, Intergraph or VR Context.

Server Mode key features:
  • Import data from any laser scanner - export to any CAD package.
  • Load an unlimited number of scans without compromise.
  • Clash detect proposed CAD design against the as-built environment.
  • Navigate inside the photorealistic BubbleView™ as if present on site.

Gateway Mode key features:

  • Automatic scan-to-scan registration.
  • Traffic-light metrics immediately display the qualities of registration.
  • Inter-cloud registration enables accurate scan registration without the use of targets.
  • Target prediction algorithms enable automatic fitting of the remaining targets once or or two have been located in the scan data.

Latest Release; LFM Server 4.4.1 
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LFM Modeller™


Produce 3D CAD models from as-built laser scan data. Model pipes and structural standards from the standards library using BubbleView™ Modelling. Export intelligent 3D models into a range of target CAD systems.

Key Features:

  • BubbleView modelling enables rapid creation of intelligent and geometrical, accurate 3D models.
  • A wide range of standards and components are included in the standard library.
  • Intelligent as-built models can be exported smoothly into the CAD system.
  • Extensive CAD manipulation and editing facilities enable the user to manipulate the model until the modelling objectives have been achieved.

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LFM NetView™


LFM NetView provides secure, on-demand access to laser scan data for asset management and project execution. remote 3D laser scan data. More than an online viewing package, it provides tools that allow users to work collaboratively with laser scan data over the Internet. LFM NetView is also available in a stand alone mode, enabling users to operate without the internet in a file based local or intranet mode.

Key Features:

  • Extensive mark-up and measurement functionality facilitates the easy addition of intelligence to any asset.
  • Tablet and Cloud enabled for truly global access and collaboration.
  • The full project can be reviewed in the intuitive BubbleView™.
  • The Online/Offline feature facilitates remote access for on-site operation.

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