Introducing the HyperBubble
 Your world just got BIGGER!
A number of years ago, when laser scanning was still in relative infancy, the LFM team created our unique visualisation of point cloud data. The BubbleView, as we termed it, adds a photo-realistic quality to point cloud data without the need to ‘invent’ points creating the highest possible level of visualisation of laser data available. At the time this was a revolution, so much so in fact that the term BubbleView is now synonymous with the laser scanning industry. 
The BubbleView was initially created when laser scanning was predominantly performed by static scanners so to be able to navigate within the ‘bubble’ formed from the scanner position was ideal. As data formats and capture devices continue to be developed however it was important for our customers to be able to provide the ability to step out of the bubble but still maintain an advanced rendering of the existing environment.
LFM HyperBubble
The HyperBubble 

This video shows the LFM HyperBubble in action, created from scans taken at the Eaton Training Facility in Houston. 

Starting from a traditional BubbleView the user is able to walk away from the scanner position, moving freely around the point cloud data in any direction. This immersive visualisation is being rendered in real-time, there is no additional pre-processing of the data, the powerful software is simply and intuitively accessing the most relevant information as the user navigates to provide the highest rendering possible. 

What the HyperBubble can do for you...
For Asset Owners
If you are an asset owner, the HyperBubble provides the safest, simplest and most affordable tool for navigating your assets. Imagine the time your operations teams could save by making virtual tours as they’re executing activity or having the ability to instantly access any part of your asset, from any angle, alongside critical asset information.

For Engineers & Constructors
Laser scanning has been used by engineering and construction companies for a number of years demonstrating enormous benefits time and time again, increasing the quality and speed of engineering and design, vastly with, already insurmountable benefits but the HyperBubble elevates this to another level. The ability to undertake detailed model reviews within a real-world environment will provide invaluable context.

For Surveyors
Surveyors and service providers, ultimately judged on quality deliverables can now provide immersive environments with incredible textures instead of just clusters of points. LFM won’t ever invent data or points so scanning to deliver HyperBubble projects will introduce a new approach with much more dramatic deliverables.


The right tool for the job

Our customers love the BubbleView and we hope you will enjoy the benefits of the HyperBubble just as much. We want you to understand however that the HyperBubble doesn’t in any way replace the BubbleView. This is very much a case of our technology advancing but, just as you can now, you can still concurrently access the BubbleView and point cloud data alongside the HyperBubble so that you can work with the right visualisation method to suit the task in hand.

See some project examples below provided by our Value Added Reseller Point3D.