LFM Modeller

Create as-built 3D CAD models from laser scan data

3D laser scanning offers considerable benefits to plant revamp and plant asset management projects. Owner Operators can fully understand the as-built condition of their plants, to ensure the plants operate productively, to address safety and regulatory compliance, and to launch brownfield upgrade and revamp projects.

LFM Modeller

However, the process of modelling 3D laser scan data can be a time consuming exercise, as fitting structural elements and modelling single pipe runs can be a slow and error-prone process. With LFM Modeller™, creating as-built 3D CAD models has never been easier, and users are provided with a great set of tools in order to increase productivity. As a result, productivity is greatly enhanced compared to previously available software.

Extensive CAD manipulation and editing facilities allow the user to manipulate the model until the modelling objectives have been achieved.Not only are they easy to design, but the 3D models created in LFM Modeller are also exceptionally accurate and are relied upon by leading Owner Operators to document their as-built conditions for safety, inspection, maintenance and training purposes.


Huge productivity gains through greatly reduced costs and comĀ­pressed timescales.


Standards library

Supports wide range of industry engineering specifications.


Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface allowing engineers to model in the BubbleView™.

  Quality assurance

All modelled objects can be displayed within the BubbleView, ensuring immediate visual feedback of what has been modelled and what still remains.

As-built export

Produce validated and intelligent CAD models which are then exportable into a number of CAD systems.