LFM NetView

Do more than just view and share laser scan data. 

The continual drive for both construction and operational efficiency coupled with the increasing quantity and quality of data capture technology are rapidly broadening the use of laser scan data across the asset lifecycle.

LFM NetView delivers the as-operated asset conditions to the desktops and mobile devices of all LFM NetView Tiled Viewasset stakeholders allowing for secure global collaboration across multiple project teams and partner companies.

LFM NetView is a web-based application suitable for use in both engineering and asset management. It enables secure, on-demand access to huge databases containing an unlimited number of scans. LFM NetView allows users to do more than just view and share laser scan data over the Internet. It is intuitive and requires no formal training, while simultaneously offering more functionality than simple web-enabled viewing packages.

LFM NetView always connects back to the master LFM Server™ dataset. This ensures resolution is maintained when accessed remotely. Alternative Internet-based products involve the transfer of heavy laser data, inevitably necessitating a loss of resolution.


The LFM NetView approach is unique: for the first time, end-users can remotely and rapidly access huge databases containing an unlimited number of scans. 




Multiple stakeholders can review the data at the same time, enabling users in different offices to carry out interactive, collaborative project reviews, including joint mark-up and measurement.



Access and Security

Security is paramount. LFM NetView has security features designed into its core functionality and uses secure certificated (https) communications for all interactions between viewer and project host. All the project files used by the software are encrypted, and can only decrypted within the components of the LFM NetView system.





LFM NetView extends the usual benefit of minimising time spent on site in hazardous or hard to access environments by facilitating pre-planning and preparation for inspection and maintenance tasks.


Click on the image below to download the latest product datasheet


LFM NetView 4-0 Datasheet