LFM Server

Import laser scan data and interface with all major 3D CAD packages. Different Modes. One unified work process.

As 3D laser scanning has become easier and more affordable it has become the technology of choice for ‘as-is’ data capture. LFM Server™ enables users to maximise the value of the rich information that laser scanning generates.


LFM Server is the most advanced solution available for accessing pre-registered laser scan data and working with it directly in 3D CAD systems. It is simple to use and offers unrivalled performance and functionality.

There are many different 3D laser scanners and 3D CAD systems in use today. LFM Server has been developed to provide users with maximum freedom of choice of both scanning and design systems. It can read unstructured data from various scanner types; not only terrestrial laser scanners but also hand-held, mobile or aerial scanners.

Designed to work with data from even the highest-resolution scanner, LFM Server enables users to work with datasets of unlimited size and exploit photorealistic, 360° BubbleViews™. 

Open on the inputs

LFM Server can read a wide variety of 3D data capture formats from both terrestrial and mobile capture devices offering you total flexibility


Open on the output

LFM Server interfaces seamlessly with all leading 3D CAD and Review software solutions

Unlimited Datasets

InfiniteCore™ technology enables project datasets of unlimited size to be readily created and accessed 


Clash-free Design

Accurate, detailed ‘as-is’ information minimises the business risks of revamp

Introducing Surface Gradient Visualisation

The introduction of Surface Gradient Visualisation delivers a powerful and customisable new visualisation feature to users of LFM Server. Driven by the volume management toolset, users are now able to easily and accurately identify variations in gradients irrespective of size, angle or elevation.

Whether you are identifying the relief of expanse landscapes or the degradation of walls you can now create your own personal ‘heat maps’ based on your highly-accurate laser data. With a choice of colour scales and customisable contours this new user-definable feature offers yet another advanced visualisation for your projects.

Structural Measurements

Critical to many of our customers is the ability to accurately identify and export structural dimensions for verifying against nominal geometry and use in CAD applications. By using our new structural fitting algorithm structural engineers are now able to work closer together on laser scan projects improving project collaboration and efficiency. The ability to refine section dimensions, position, & orientation ensures accuracy even where captured data might be insufficient, allowing engineers to make confident decisions. 


Panoramic Image Support
LFM have always strived to ensure our customers can use the tools most applicable to their businesses and projects to capture the existing environment. In keeping with this philosophy LFM Server now imports spherical panoramic images allowing you to very quickly capture high-resolution 3D imagery using a multitude of panoramic capture devices.
The LFM team have been working with our partner NCTech to integrate raw image data from their iSTAR camera allowing our customers with monochrome scanners to add colours their laser scans.

Orthographic Measurement Improvements 

A great feature for the rapid capture of 2-dimensional areas, this new capability allows users to simply slice through your data and quickly generate multiple 2D measurements with a handy ‘snap-to-axis’ functionality. Driven by our volume management tools this efficiently delivers accurate plan and elevation dimensions.


We have also made a number of platform updates and improvements which you can find from our release notes.

Click on the image below to download the latest product datasheet

LFM Server 4.4 Datasheet